• Career Options

    Many career options exist for scientists in the law.

    Science to Law offers a growing repository of valuable information on these opportunities, including interviews with scientists who have successfully navigated each career path.

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    In the following list, each career opportunity is followed by a list of potential employers. Have a suggestion? Tell us!

    Attorney (J.D.) Opportunities:

      • Patent Prosecution (F, IGU)
      • Patent Litigation (F, IG)
      • Technology Transactions / Licensing (F, IGNU)
      • Academics (U)
      • Judiciary (G, P)
      • General Law: Corporate Counsel or Other Specializations (F, IGNU)

    Patent Bar, Non-J.D. Opportunities:

      • Student Associate (Evening Law School) (F)
      • Patent Prosecution (F, IU)
      • Patent Examiner (P)

    Other Opportunities:

      • Scientific Advisor (FGN)
      • Consultant (I)
      • Science Policy (GNU)
      • Research Scientist (IGNU)
      • Venture Capital (I)


    F – Law Firm / Private Practice
    I – Industry
    N – NGO/Nonprofit
    G – Government (excluding USPTO)
    U – University
    P – U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)