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    Resources to help research (and effect) your transition from science to law. We are continually adding to this collection, so check back.

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    • Career options for scientists in the law.
    • The National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science, Technology, and the Law (CSTL) was established by the National Academy of Sciences in 1998 to examine the growing number of areas where science, engineering, and law intersect in this era of increasing globalization. The committee considers challenging issues at the nexus of science and law from three perspectives: 1) how law influences and constrains the practice of scientific and engineering research (law in the laboratory); 2) how scientists and engineers participate in, and how their work is used by, the legal community (science in the courts); and 3) public policy formation, including looking at the uses and misuses of science in shaping public policy at the confluence of the scientific, engineering, medical, and legal arenas